Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Impact 20" fixed complete bike!!

Mini Fixie. A new member of AirwalkFixedGear.
It's 20" fixed gear bike. The Mini Fixie also using some parts same as Fixie. Such as, Sugino XD2 crank, AirwalkFixedGear Flip-flop hubs and KMC chain.
Mini Fixie also provide customize color in your bike.
Let Customize your Color now!!

Customize list:
Frame: White/ Black/ Lime/ Sky Blue/ Pink
Crank: Black/ Silver (Sugino XD2 44t/46t 165cm)
Rim: Black/ Anodized Red/ Anodized Gold (30mm 32H)
Tyre: Black/ Yellow/ Blue / Green/ Red
Chain: White/ Red/ Blue/ Yellow/ Black (KMC Z410)
Rear Hubs: Black/ Red/ Blue/ Gold (Airwalk 32H Flip-flop hubs w/17T cog made in taiwan)
Front Hubs: Black/ Silver (Access 32H Hubs)
Spoke: Black/ Silver/ Gold / Blue/ Red/ Green
Grips: White/ Black/ Blue/ Pink/ Lime
Seatpost: Black/ Silver/ Purple/ Red/ Gold
Stem and Handle Bar: Black/ Silver/ Orange
Saddle: Black/ White ( Leather +USD$25)

Let's Do it!

Selling Price: USD449 included shipping to Asia (US and EU +USD50)

more upgrade parts is available, Please Email to (



  1. 1.complete bike price?
    2.Only the frame available?
    3.wheel size 406 or 451?
    Please reply!!
    (here seoul korea)

    thank u!

  2. USD$439 included shipping to Asia
    USD$499 included shipping to Euro, US

    it's 20" fixie

  3. hi there,
    Do you still have any available? How much to ship to Australia?

  4. Hello I need one in Spain, Do you have any available?

  5. Hi do you still have it available?