Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MBAC - Chicago Bicycle Program (prototypes)

A channel to the side of staircases makes it easy for bicyclists to move their bikes up onto the train platform
Today, bringing your bike through the turnstile is a small juggling act. This prototype makes it a little easy to handle your bike, your fare card, and the turnstile.
Storing your bike on the train is a bit obnoxious, both for the bicyclist and the other passengers. This design dedicates a space for bikes.

A very excellent design from Chicago. All rider should love that!
But it's impossible occurs in HK this recent year.

from: MBAC



  1. =v= These are interesting. Where did you find them?

    I don't like the third design because someone might be sitting in one of those fold-up seats. With the right capacity planning you can have a dedicated bike storage area without losing ridership; in fact it builds ridership!

    I disagree that it's obnoxious to bring a bike onto a train. Passengers have to solve the "last mile problem" -- getting to and from the train stations -- and bikes do that with less impact than burdening transit systems or using cars. Systems for parking bikes are helpful, but these can be more expensive than bringing bikes onboard.

  2. These are from here:

    And here:

  3. It's a Amazing design, but does work in Hong Kong.