Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MiD NiTE CrEW #4

Last night we had the same route for Anson to practice and tested my upgraded Home fIXIE!
Surprisingly, Anson just rode only twice and guess what....he has already know how to skid!!!Congrats!

Home fIXIE final tune-up
AirwalkFixedGear 41mm Deep V w/o braking surface
Innova 23C full color RB tire
AirwalkFixedGear rocket valve cap
Xtension MTB stem
San Marco Rolls saddle
Shimano UN-40 BB axle
Cane Creek S8 headset
Eviteo handgrip
MKS Sylvan pedal
MKS leather strap
Silva leather strap
AirwalkFixedGear Colorful Toe Clips


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