Thursday, October 1, 2009

Attention!! All cyclists in Taiwan

!!All cyclists!!
Yang from BB17, They would be launch a big Fixed Gear Party in Taipei city.
Toku-San, Marco-San and Seiya-San also being there.
details at the below.

From BreakBreak17
我們即將在2009.10.24星期六舉辦一場盛大的活動,活動名稱為P.D.P(Pedal it, Don’t Push it),剛好也是慶祝我們BREAKBREAK17成立一週年。我們也特別邀請了多位來自國外知名選手參加這次活動,例如:WBASE Toku & Marco,還有Cycle & Recycle Depot 的Seiya san等等也都會共襄盛舉專程來參加這次活動。
此次的活動特色比較像是一場輕鬆的戶外party,除了有基本的比賽如:Track stand、foot down、skid之外,最後壓軸會有跟日本選手來場Best trick比賽,除此之外大囍門凱凱也會負責整場音樂部份,整個活動最大的特色就是贊助奬品超級豐富,希望大家能踴躍參加活動拿取優渥的奬品。

Time:2009.10.24 Sat (2:00pm~9:00pm)
Guest:WBASE Toku & Marco, Cycle & Recycle Depot
After Party- 2009-10-25 (17:00~22:00)
Location- the Base 台北市漢口街1段36號B1 (華華大飯店 地下1樓)
當天我們會邀請來自日本知名攝影師Sexysushi舉辦一個FIXED GEAR exhibition,並且FTC Tokyo也會共襄盛舉,歡迎各位抽空前來觀賞。
!!Calling all cyclists in Taiwan!!
Breakbrake17 along with other industry sponsors are throwing our 1st annual bike event in Taipei City on Saturday October 24th at Zhongshan Hall Park. We expect well over 200 riders and many more fans to come and enjoy the party. The event will host riders from the U.S and Japan. As well four major competitions, foot down, Longest skid, track stand and best trick will bring out all the hopefull winners. Champions of each comp will recieve great prizes. The event will last from 2pm-9pm but get there early for a good view. We are very thankful to all our sponsors from the U.S. and Japan for helping us put this together and hope that everyone will leave Taipei in good spirits and excited for next years event. So spread the word about P.D.P “Pedal it Dont Push it” and we hope to see you next month. On your bike of course!!!

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